Fix Media: x86-64 / GModCEFCodecFix Guide (ChromeOS)

Visual Install Guide:

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Step 1

First, close Garry's Mod.

Then open Steam, and right click Garry's Mod from your Library games list. Select Properties from the menu.

Steam > Garry's Mod > Properties

In the Properties window, select "Betas", then click on the Dropdown menu and select "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit Binaries"

Steam > Garry's Mod > Properties > Betas

Now you can close the properties window and wait for the update to download. Once it's done, proceed to the next step.

Download the Latest Release of GModCEFCodecFix for Linux (ChromeOS is Linux).

GModCEFCodecFix Logo GModCEFCodecFix

Right click the file you downloaded and open Properties, then find the option to make the file exectuable.

— OR —

Open a Terminal and type

chmod +x

then drag the file onto the Terminal window, and press Enter.

TODO | Image: Marking as executable in GUI TODO | Image: Marking as executable in Terminal

Proceed to the next step.

Open the Chrome app, then open crosh by pressing CTRL+ALT+T.

Run the following commands in crosh, in order:

vmc share borealis Downloads vsh borealis cd /mnt/shared/MyFiles/Downloads ./GModCEFCodecFix-Linux TODO | Image: Running commands in crosh

Here's what each command does, if you'd like to know:

  1. vmc share borealis Downloads - Shares your Downloads folder with the Steam VM
  2. vsh borealis - Accesses the Steam VM
  3. cd /mnt/shared/MyFiles/Downloads - Changes directory to the Downloads folder you just shared
  4. ./GModCEFCodecFix-Linux - Runs GModCEFCodecFix

Proceed to the next step.

GModCEFCodecFix should now patch Garry's Mod. It may take some time depending on your internet connection speed.

Once it's done, you can launch GMod from the GModCEFCodecFix window by typing "yes" and pressing Enter.

TODO | Image: Launch GMod prompt

Congratulations, you're done! 🎉

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❓ Having Trouble?

⚙ Advanced Options

Proceed to the next step if you'd like to see Advanced Options for:

  • The Auto-mode feature

Auto-mode Feature

This enables you to use the GModCEFCodecFix as a launcher without having to confirm launching GMod when it finishes.

Create a Bash script named in the same folder as GModCEFCodecFix-Linux, containing the following:

#!/bin/bash vsh borealis -- /mnt/shared/MyFiles/Downloads/GModCEFCodecFix-Linux -a 0

Mark your script as executable using its File Properties or with chmod +x. You should now be able to simply double click the script to patch GMod and then run it without prompting you.